Customary repair and preventative maintenance can  decrease the malfunction and avoid any damage.If there is any extra demand of service,please contact with the authorized Powered factory.

As it’s professional and technical for shock absorber,when there is any exceptional situation occurred,please stop use the automobile and find the Powered sales department or any other body who has the power to check and repair it.

You should check the following parts

  • regarding to the leakage damage,check the piston rod.
  • Regarding the external damage,check the body for shock absorber
  • Check the abrading for rubber parts.
  • Check each of the point of junction for shock absorber and automobile.

Suggest the intermission for check

Competition series:run the shock absorber continuous with high strength,check it every 10 hours.
Running is on normal street:each 10000km

The ways you can use for checking

  • Stop the automobile after 10km running on a worse situation road,touch the shell of shock absorber.if it’s not hot enough,that means the resistance inside is too less and the damping effect is bad.We suggest to change the shock absorber.
  • Push down on the front of the car,then relieve it,if there are 2-3 times bounces,that means the shock absorber is ok.
  • Braking suddenly when the automobile running,if the automobile shakes fiercely,that means it has quality problem for shock absorber.
  • Dismantle the shock absorber and let it up-right,then clamp the bottom joining ring on the bench,pull and push the piston rod several times with strength,there should be stable damping and the pulling damping shall be bigger than the pushing damping,if the damping is not stable or there is even no damping force,it’s likely that the inside of shock absorber lack of oil or it’s damaged for valves components.You should repair or change the components.
  • There is no leakage situation for shock absorber,you should check if there is any damage,sealing-off,cracking or falling off for the connecting pin,piston rod,connecting hole,rubber,bushs,etc for shock absorber. 

The shock absorber should be tested on the professional testing stage after checking and repairing,when the damping rate at 100±1mm,the damping force for stretch stroke and the compression stroke shall be up to specification,it indicates the shock absorber is normal.

The maintenance for shock absorber:

  • Using standard and qualified shock absorber to ensure the security for driving and economical for using.
  • Please drive stably to decrease the unusual impact on shock absorbers.
  • Reducing the speed of driving on the wicked street.
  • Reducing the sudden speed up,sudden braking and a sudden turn as far as possible.
  • Don’t driving with overload as far as possible.
  • Checking the components for shock absorbers,like the dust cover,buffer block,bushes,etc.If any damage or aging,please change them in time and adopt the components from legal manufacturers.
  • Check if the air pressure for tyres normal or not,keep it in standard scope.
  • Cleaning your automobile regularly,especially for the shock absorbers.
  • The shock absorbers have to been changed by pairs.The right and left shall be in one brand and type.


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